Our Concept

Founded in 2010 with a rebellious spirit, Eyefood Factory defies art norms. Grounded in Street and Pop Art, we break traditions, transforming original art into high-quality Limited Edition Art Prints accessible to all. We scout the finest emerging artists, welcome them into our collective, and offer a platform to boost their visibility and popularity. Every purchase empowers their creativity, ensuring a steady income for artistic pursuits. Beyond quality, it's a movement—a redefinition of art ownership.


| Limited Editions (only!)

Limited to just 250 copies worldwide, each art print is meticulously numbered for authenticity. Select from a range of dimensions, supports, and finishes that flawlessly capture colours while preserving the artist's vision. This distinctive concept ensures you own something unique that mirrors your personality.

Artisan Crafted

Crafted to perfection! Handmade in our Brisbane studio (Dibond®) or in France (Canvas).

PropTech Innovations

Choose Dibond® or Canvas for stunning indoor/outdoor impact, embossed flair, and dynamic colours!

Exclusive Runs

Truly distinctive, every art print comes numbered, making it almost as unique as the original.


From small to king size, we offer never-seen-before dimensions for each visual. Your project is ours!


| Art Dealer with a mission

For more than 10 years, Eyefood Factory's evolution has been relentless. From our rebellious roots, we've expanded the collective, amplified offerings, and pioneered innovations. Redefining art accessibility, we've shaped a dynamic journey that's always punchy and progressive.

Eyefood Factory emerged, unveiling our online platform and developing our canvas line. Fueled by success and an influx of artists, we expanded our offerings by introducing Dibond support, enriching our artistic repertoire.

We achieved a major milestone with the opening of our first Art-Shop in Mulhouse. This step significantly enhanced our visibility and retailer offerings, providing more opportunities for our talented artists.

That year marked our international debut with the launch of our online shop and workshop in Switzerland. This strategic move represents our initial foray into the global market.

Eyefood Factory expanded its horizons with the inauguration of our Australian subsidiary. Featuring a vibrant online shop and a distinctive Art-Shop on Brisbane's trendy James Street, we continue to bring unique art experiences to a global audience.

We secured cutting-edge printing technology, empowering us with in-house printing capabilities. This ensures end-to-end quality control and enhances our research and development efforts for ongoing product innovation.

✔ 20+ Artists Currently Edited ✔ 300+ Art Prints Available ✔ 10,000+ Orders since 2010 ✔ 78+ Worldwide Distributors ✔ 99% Satisfaction Rate

| Our Artists Collective

By creating our artists' collective, we aim redefine the art market. The concept is simple:

  • We purchase original artworks from emerging talents, providing them with upfront support.
  • When you buy our art prints, you empower these artists, granting them a more stable income as they build their name.

This concept not only nurtures creativity but also allows us to offer exclusive Pop/Street Art pieces to our customers. It's a harmonious partnership, reshaping the art landscape and ensuring fairness in every deal.

Our artist roster is full for 2024! Follow us on Instagram for openings in 2025. We're looking for creative minds with at least 20 available artworks and the capacity to produce a minimum of 5 monthly in a unique style. We prioritise nurturing your creative spirit over directives. Join us in cultivating your distinct artistic identity.